Vacation Tour in Tambopata National Reserve

As the sky darkens and nighttime brings us , the only real lights illuminating our quarters would be the genius of the stars and the nautical lanterns. There’s absolutely no power here – we’re deeply in the Peruvian Amazon’s Tambopata National Reserve in the Tambopata Research Center. This lodge, at the most distant uninhabited wilderness of this sanctuary serves as our foundation for this wonderful wilderness experience.

Our Peru jungle tours in Tambopata’ open walls confront the woods, so that even in the nighttime we net together with the wilderness. We’re lulled to sleep from the encompassing Amazonian silence broken only by the beautiful night noises of the woods. Our early-to-bed, early-to-rise routine just serves to enrich our awareness of relationship to nature.

This morningwe made our way into the local Macaw stink, the biggest on earth, to see in awe because of scrabbling, dizzying flow of birds descended their banquet of clay. Afterwards we improved the pristine woods paths, taking in the glorious views of the winding Tambopata River while viewing for creature sightings, a few of endangered species. Luis, our guide pointed out many different trees and plants used by the local inhabitants for medicinal purposes. Nothing in our own wildlife travels contrasts to what we’ve seen and heard here.

Tonight we’ll go in hunt of Caiman along with other mammals, which appear to be more active mainly at nighttime. We have been told that this is a genuine highlight of this trip.

Our time here has been magnificent – The lodge offers a huge option of rainforest actions – sea kayaking and canoeing excursions in the quiet of this river and the lakes nearby, a canopy tree climb with rope and harness (the children especially loved this!) To get a bird’s eye perspective of this sanctuary, ethnobotanical walks to get familiar with the trees and plants used by natives for medicinal and other functions, and a way to interact with locals and get acquainted with the culture.

Here, we’re a 7-hour boat excursion from any human inhabitants. We started our wildlife journeys there using a 3-day app packed with actions typical of that region of the Amazon, aimed not just to adults but particularly to adolescents and young kids. The highlight for these came from a trip with a nearby farmer who instructed them to prepare an Amazon plant glue used for tattooing. We’d 3 blue-tattooed children !

For us all, 1 highlight created way for another, leaving us happily tired at the end of every exhilarating moment. This is a family adventure vacation that efficiently substituted”it all” together with all the intriguing, magical universe of the Amazonian forest.

Sylvia is a trip adviser, planner and director who generates unique intercultural experiences for families and enjoys to exude information,tips and individual experiences especially linked to family adventure traveling.

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