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He's Loveable! He's Laughable! He's Labor Intensive!
It's finally here, the new book Umbert fans have been clamouring for. Umbert and his prenatal pals are at it again...mixing up a whole new batch of humor, wit, and unborn wisdom to stake their claim on a parent's love, and that of their loyal readers. Gary Cangemi's syndicated weekly comic strip continues to inspire love and respect for God's most precious creations.
60 Pages B&W
5.5" X 8.5"
Order Here and Gary will sign it for you at no extra charge. Indicate your preference on the order form.
Only $8.95
Plus S&H
This book highly recommended for teens through adults. Parental discretion and guidance recommended for younger children.
Sample Cartoons from "Labor of Love"
Roll over image repeatedly to see four additional samples.
112 Cartoons
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