The Unborn Child Finally Has a Voice of His Own!


Meet Umbert the Unborn, the pre-natal comic strip character that is winning the hearts and minds of people throughout the country. Created by Gary Cangemi in 2001, Umbert appears weekly in the National Catholic Register and over 100 other publications serving nearly a million readers and growing.


Umbert is a pre-born infant whose mother’s womb is his private universe, playground and think-tank from which he can anticipate life and the world that awaits him.


Umbert is a feisty, outspoken baby who loves life and wants respect.  Umbert often appears in various stages of development from a single cell to a near term baby. Umbert the Unborn is an upbeat, funny and sometimes poignant cartoon about human life in all its glory and potential. Umbert’s purpose is to give a voice, personality and humanity to the unborn child and to change the hearts and minds of the “born” and the way we view life before birth.

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Umbert's Theme Song
Words and Music by Gary Cangemi
Arrangement by Anne LeBlanc
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