The Best Travel Books: 13 Books That Will Give You Serious Wanderlust

A wise man once said that “traveling without a good book is like cooking without adding salt”. Well, to a great extent, the man is right as traveling will be extremely boring without an interesting book.

You can argue that there is the phone and internet that might keep people busy but, what if the battery went flat? What if the internet connectivity is poor? It is crucial to note that a phone cannot replace the position of a good book in a journey.

Reading a book while traveling hit differently and you get to create a special connection with the concept of the book. Are you a constant traveler? Do you have a strong passion for reading while traveling? Perhaps you need help in choosing the best book to read while traveling. Not to worry, you can read up on the platforms that help travellers with all they need on their travels on US-Reviews.

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The following are the lists of interesting books for travelers:

  • The Alchemist

This is a book about following your dreams and it is also a popular book among travelers and youth. The story is about a young shepherd boy who journeyed from Spain to Egypt. The boy gained deep knowledge and understanding of love and the roller-coaster nature of life.

  • The Lost City of Z

This book is written by David Grann and it is about what happened to a character named Percy Fawcett who went out in search of the fabled lost city of Z. This book has a blend of exploration, history, information and biography. The author brings to life the vast regions and cultures that inhabited the land before the invasion of Westerners.

  • Turn Right at Machu Picchu

This book by Mark Adams recounts the tale of Adams’s expenditure through Peru in his search for ancient cities and Inca ruins. This book takes its reader through Peru and the things to know about it. As a traveler, getting a copy of this book is advisable as it will inspire you to visit a lot of sites.

  • Love with a chance of drowning

This book is written by Torre DeRoche who is also a travel blogger. This book is about overcoming a character’s fear of the ocean. It is a descriptive book with a lot of details about the scenery, people and the personal experience of the character as she sails across the Pacific Ocean with her boyfriend.

  • The Geography of Bliss

This book by Eric Weiner is about a journey in the quest for happiness. Although the character did not find the secret to happiness, the character gets to travel and experience life while enjoying the beauty of the diverse region.

Traveling is an experience on its own and it can get better if …