Oakland is one of the most famous cities on Earth, and for a good reason!  Not only does it have some unique art and dining spots, but it’s also a great space to enjoy getting to meet new people and seeing beautiful surroundings.

If you’re new to Oakland and aren’t sure what it offers, these are five of its best-kept secrets!

We Love Cemetery Picnics!

Most cities treat cemeteries as somber and quiet spaces where you don’t talk except to say a few words to the dead.  Oakland doesn’t do that!  Instead, this city views it as a space where you can connect with the living and dead easily.  There are picnic tables and spots to lounge in the Oakland Cemetery.

These tables and lunging spots allow people to feel like the graveyard is part of the community, and feel connected to the many people who came here before them.  This is an awesome opportunity that most cities don’t give their communities.

One of the Most Diverse Cities

Oakland is one of the most diverse cities in the country.  Neck to neck with areas like New York City and San Francisco, Oakland may only be home to 400,000 people, but it’s a bustling and lively city that welcomes everyone regardless of how different they may seem.

This is an awesome way for the community to grow and has been a fantastic stepping stone for creativity and growth.  Oakland’s diversity is one of the strongest parts of this city.

Home to Countless Movies

If you’re on the hunt for Oakland houses for sale, you may come across some properties that seem familiar.  Oakland is where countless movies and television shows were filmed, and many of the homes here were used for the outer shots of sets or where the actual sets of television and movie productions were.

You’ll also find endless spots in parks, public malls, restaurants, and more that line up with movies and allow you to connect with your favorite media.

Where the Popsicle Was Invented

It shouldn’t be a surprise that the popsicle was invented in one of the warmest areas of the country.  These refreshing treats are still offered here in countless stands and stores, ensuring that anyone can take a moment to enjoy something chilly in the hottest weather the area has to offer.

While you’re here, consider picking up some fresh local produce and making some popsicles of your own!  You’ll love creating your own concoction.

The Greenery Is Overwhelming

Oakland is one of the greenest places on Earth!  Countless trees freckle the city and allow a lot of wonderful shade and beauty to permeate the entire area.  Oakland was well-named because it’s a great place to go on forest hikes, explore wooded areas and have fun in the outdoors.

Locals and tourists alike love getting the most out of these beautiful surroundings.

Oakland Is Incredible

Oakland should be one of the top tourist spots in the country.  If you’re ready to get away and enjoy something unworldly, it’s time to head to this city full of surprises and fun.