Everybody loves the beach, the water, and the golden sand, whether it be a bright summer day or a short walk collecting gorgeous seashells. There is a lot to enjoy at the beach and so many more opportunities to shoot spectacular photos. Waves crashing, seagulls gliding through the blue sky, and vibrant multi-colored umbrellas are only a few special sights that help make beach photography just so captivating.

Capturing the beauty of a beach is not as easy as you would think. Here are a few of our tips to ensure your beach photography shoots produce beautiful images!

  1. Shoot In RAW

Beach photos could sometimes be a little tricky to get right. There are factors like the brightness of the sun, water, sand, and your camera is already at its wit’s end trying to regulate the exposure. The flexibility offered by the RAW format enables you to rectify the typical exposure problems during post-processing.

  1. Focus on a Focal Point

Beaches are among the most stunning places on earth, but you might find that beach photos on most travel photography tend to be mediocre. As a rule of thumb, you could shoot the best photos when you have a defined focal point. A photo’s focal point could be anything — a pair of shoes, a shell, a seagull, or even a person — and it needs to tell a story.

  1. Shoot at the Golden Hour

Noon could be when a lot of people go to the beach, yet there are better times to shoot beach and landscape photography. Lighting and timing are vital for producing spectacular beach images: stick to sunset or sunrise if possible.

  1. Polarizing Filters

Polarizing filters are very helpful tools for travel photography, like beach photos. A polarizing filter could darken shadows, enhance blues, and suppress glare from reflective surfaces. It could likewise help enhance colors and steer clear of overexposed and blown out photographs.

It is definitely a worthwhile investment — particularly if you are doing middle-of-the-day photoshoots– that could transform your beach photography.