Nepal is one of the most suitable trekking and day hiking destinations in the world. One of the main attractions that are the highlights of these walking trips are the mountains. Nepal, as a Himalayan country, owns many snow-capped lofty mountains. Some of the major ones include, Everest, Kanchenjunga, Annapurna, Langtang, Manaslu, and so on.

In addition to them, the lowlands and the hills, forests consisting of rich biodiversity including unique birds and animals, natural attractions like tranquil lakes and splashing rivers, and so on, attract many trekkers from all over the world. Our social, cultural and religious phenomena play a big role in attracting tourists as well. The tourists look forward to observing these spectacles in rural areas where people dwell, practicing unity in diversity.

Day Tour Activities in Nepal

Similarly, Nepal is famous for adventurous activities such as hiking, peak climbing, rafting, trekking, and so on, which includes walking through the naturally and culturally gifted villages and settlement areas. Whether you’re going right through them or taking a look at them from a distance, you’re sure to be overwhelmed. Among the many types of trekking in Nepal, day tours are the best ways to experience Nepal. 

Those people, who only have a limited amount of time to explore the country, can go on day trips around major tourist destinations in Nepal like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Dhulikhel, Lumbini, Bandipur, Chitwan, Nagarkot, Bhaktapur, and so on. On the particular day of the day tour, the tourists will get to observe art, culture, and cuisine of the locals, and try out adventure activities available around that particular area..

Short Holiday Options in Nepal

This is a short and sweet program for those wanting to see more of Nepal within a short time. From Yoga to Rafting, Hiking to Flying close to Mt. Everest, there is something for every traveler in Nepal. You could have all these activities as a part of your Day Tours Nepal. Whether you have just finished trekking in Nepal, or you’re having an extended layover in Kathmandu. The best thing to do is fill your time with entertaining and unforgettable day tours in Nepal experience.

One of the best day tours in Nepal option is going on jungle safari in Nepal. Nepal has so many national parks and protected areas that are quite rich when it comes to the number of flora and fauna that call the park their home. Some of these areas are Chitwan National Park, Sagarmatha National Park, Kanchenjunga Conservation Area, Annapurna Conservation Area, and so on. You can try jungle safari in Nepal in these areas either by hiking, going or boat rides, jeep rides, or taking helicopter tours. Of course, these options differ as per the geography.

If you like sticking to the city, you could explore the history and culture of Nepal in a more elaborated manner. Especially in Kathmandu, you could go for a visit around the UNESCO World Heritage sites. Altogether, there are 7 of them situated inside the Kathmandu valley. You could also go for a wonderful food tour, and try the delicious local cuisines from across the country in the capital city itself. The combined food and cultural tours is one of the best day tours in Nepal alternatives.

Likewise, you can also engage yourself in different adventure activities like Bungee jumping, Zip flying, Paragliding, Boating, scenic Mountain flight close to Himalayas, Rafting, and many more. One can go for Day tour activities before or after trekking, or any other package tour in Nepal. Upon your request and interest, the travel and tour operators can arrange amazon tours for an unforgettable lifetime experience in Nepal!