4 Ways to Build Boat Storage Tough Enough for Hurricanes

You want a simple way to get to your boat while you are at your cabin. Constructing a dock beside your structure allows you to keep it nearby and gives you easy access if it. Here are a few steps to keep in mind as you consider building it.

Analyze the Project

Evaluate the area where you want to build the platform. Measure the depth of the water and the soil you will be anchoring into. Decide what type of dock that you want to construct then determine what materials, such as wood, plastic, or metal, is best for the task. If you feel like the project might be too much for you to accomplish, reach out to your local palm beach county marine construction experts. Ask what they suggest you do or ask for a quote for them to complete the work for you.

Buy the Materials

Schedule a trip to the lumber yard to purchase what you need for the deck. Along with the material you chose for the surface, you will need screws and other hardware items. If you choose a floating deck, pontoons will be necessary as well. If you choose to work with a contractor, they will buy what they require for you. However, they will want to be reimbursed before they go to the store.

Begin Construction

As the day approaches to begin your build, rent the equipment that you must have to complete the deck. Talk to your neighbors to let them know what is happening. You should also talk to the officials in your community to get their approval. Set up a plan on how to proceed then organize your materials so that they are easy to reach. If you are working with a professional, schedule the day that you want to start then coordinate what they will need from you.