If you don’t know what is right, you will blow up your money on things that you are to buy at lower prices. But in other, for you not to face this kind of problem, we have gathered tips that will help you out, so you will not overspend.


Compare sites and deals.

To find the best deals start your search with sites like Kayak, Expedia so that you can find cheaper hotels such as onyx in your desired area. When you get to those sites, or you have found the hotel of your choice, try to see if the hotel has promotional codes and perks such as free parking, wifi, and breakfast. However, do not neglect hotel sites so that you can confirm some of the promos you have found because there are cases those promo codes would have expired.


Negotiate your rate

Once you have found your favorite hotel or accommodation, pick up your phone and call the hotel management if they can as well give you discounts over what they offered. You may be lucky that they reduce prices for you. If they reduce the rate for you, then you are good to go and save more money.


Look for last-minute deals

If you are a traveler and you are on a tight budget, apps like Hoteltonight is one of the best places for you to get last-minute deals that can help you get cheaper rates for hotels. For example, you may come across a hotel like onyx hotels on the app, if on a good day they offer $137 per night, on that app you may be lucky that there is a vacant room that they do not want it to be empty. In the process, they may decide to reduce the price so they can get someone that will pay for it.


Explore alternative accommodations

There is no doubt that lodging in a hotel is the best, despite that hotels are not the only option for accommodation. If you find rooms cheaper, you can choose to lodge in a room, small apartment, or hostels. The best places you can get offers like this are Airbnb and HomeAway. With this kind of opportunity, you will not have to share an apartment with anybody; facilities are available just like a hotel only that you may not have access to individual facilities such as swimming pools and so on.


Use your affiliations

Some categories of people, such as students, military men/women, civil servants, and the rest are those that can easily qualify for discounted hotel rates when traveling. If you happen to be one of the people mentioned above, you should call the hotel you want to lodge before booking for your hotel reservation so they can give you detailed information on how to go about your bookings.


One of the best hotels you can think of when it comes to getting discount rates is onyx. They offer a lot of discounts to customers despite that they have excellent facilities in place for people who are looking to enjoy their money.